There can be many reasons behind changing the name of the company like name was too small, name was too big, it was not unique, the name was outdated, you got a new name that is far better, earlier one wasn’t able to attract the customers, to give a new look to your business, you are expanding your business, the name was already patent, it was too much complex, etc. whatsoever may be the reason of change, change is necessary. A new name will give a new outlook to your company to start afresh. It is way more essential when your business isn’t able to perform to the level you desire.

You can change the name of the company anytime you wish. All you need to do is follow this simple procedure –

  • Board meeting – a meeting is to be held to inform the members of the company for the same. The secretary of the company or the director is responsible for sending the application to the MCA for checking the availability of the name proposed by you. Articles of association are passed.
  • Availability of the name – after passing the board resolution. The name must be according to the Companies Act 2013 naming guidelines. Once your name is approved, you can move forward for the registration of the new name.
  • Application – once the resolution is passed, an application is sent to the registrar of companies for the change of the name. Along with the application, form 1B is to be filled with the charges.
  • Certificate – once your new name is approved by the registrar of the company, you can further proceed with other documents. After the clearance of all your documents, a certificate is issued by the registrar of the companies for the related change.
  • Incorporation of a new name – the new name of the company should be incorporated in the all the copies of the memorandum of association and articles of association for the official work.

Advantages of changing the name of the company –

  • A whole new approach – the name of the company sometimes signifies the mission and vision of the company, hence when the name is changed it may mean that your company is up to new things now. Not only the company, your clients and customers also look for the change. If the change is good, they may get attracted and you may turn your potential clients into your customers
  • Branding – a simple name won’t create a brand. Thus, changing the name would help you in branding. You may now on known with the altered name.
  • When services have changed – changing your name would be most appropriate when you have changed your products or services or have add on something new.
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