The main location where the registered office is shown is the place where all the official work is done. The business is mainly operated and done from the place. In case you are moving to a new place or area, the official address has to be changed. The ministry of corporate affairs has to be notified about this change. The formalities are done on the basis of where you are moving. It also depends that whether you are just changing your village, city or even the country.

The registrar of companies is responsible for the location of the particular. They are only to be approached in case of the change. A related form is to be filled for the purpose. There are two ways to be applied for the change of official address. You can fill the form both in online and offline modes.

Duration of change – the address can only be changed within 30 days or 1 month from the date of shift of the office. This can only be done after getting affirmation from the company law board.

The procedure of the change of official address – the company or the LLP which is shifting to a new place or has already shifted, needs to give an advertisement in the newspaper regarding the change of the official address with the details of its new address. The state government is also to be notified in case of a change from one state to another.

Why registering the new office address is necessary?

The notification for the change in official address is necessary because of following reasons –

  • Official address – the correct and updated official address of a company is very essential to make all the communications with the other related firms and making all the business deals. Also, this address has to be updated officially because all the important information regarding the company from the ministry of corporate affairs is received on this address only.
  • Accounts – all the bank accounts and books of accounts are related to the official address of the company. The financial transactions and their receipts are sent to this registered office only. Hence, it is necessary to get the change updated at the registrar of companies.
  • Clients - all your professional and work-related deals are to happen at this place only. Thus, to keep your clients notified where to reach when needed is essential. This is among the biggest reason for publishing the change in the newspaper. People need to get notified of the change
  • Change in the same state – if you are shifting to the same city or state, it is really easy to get the official address changed. This may hardly take 2 -3 days only.
  • Change from one state to another – through the change within the same city was easy, it’s a bit difficult to change the official addresses when you shift from one state to another. It requires the approval of the registrar of companies and also the publishing in the newspaper is compulsory in this case.
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