Share – purchase agreement as the name suggests, it is something related to buying and selling of shares from a particular company or organization. The share purchase agreement is also popularly known as a stock purchase agreement. It is the written proof of the deal that has happened between the two parties. In this agreement, the seller has to also mention the particular number of shares the individual wishes to sell.

Share purchase agreement is the final terms and conditions on which both the parties agree on while purchasing the share

This share purchase agreement is prepared to cover many areas of the deal and to avoid any inconvenience later on. Some of the main motives of this kind of agreement are –

  • Tax – all the taxes related to that agreement is mentioned in this agreement to avoid any conflict later on. The buyer must know the taxes associated with that share and the agreement should also specify whether the seller or the buyer has to pay the remaining tax.
  • Terms and conditions – all the norms on which the seller or the original owner of the share is selling its share should be mentioned. Terms and conditions are much necessary before making any deal even when it is small.
  • Price – what a deal would be without the declaration of rates. For a healthy deal, the rates of the shares are already discussed earlier and written in the agreement to eradicate any mishap.
  • Verification – the information on the share purchase agreement are verified before taking place in the agreement so that no trust issues can take place.
  • Disputes – all the necessary information about the deal are already conveyed through these kinds of agreements to avoid any dispute and resolve them easily if it happens.

Benefits of share purchase agreement –

  • Avoid legal issues further on
  • It lets you consider the detail of the deal and analyze it for future purpose
  • Authorities are already involved in this agreement hence no issues would arise later on
  • It also helps you in selling your purchased shares further

The process of this share purchase agreement include –

Nowadays these kinds of agreements are prepared online while many companies still prefer it on papers. Both the ways are safe and secure. Simple details like date of purchase, number of shares, price, information about seller and buyer are mentioned in the agreement. All the confidential details and termination details are also mentioned in this agreement. The main purpose of this is fulfilled like keeping all the track of the deal that is going to happen between two parties.

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